SLACK 就够了, 至少没有开不完的会,不用看人脸色





让我可以轻松地去旅行,好期待1月的KUCHING 之旅


年轻时,就该很热血,人生有几次21 岁, 超想在21 岁 时干一番疯狂的事情 :)

至于什么事呢? 还在规划中,哈哈,去开会了,



jz random ~


sudenly feel wana update my blog...


haha happi receving some babies from my frens and sticky from my sista ^^


well i put my pillow in my sista hse...bcz of holiday ad...nid 2 move all stuffs from my ukm room

its holidaysss...a long one...its early in morning nw...well its early or late ?? cnt sleep

tis lots of non-sleep nights after i came ukm...sometimes dun sleep at all...

bcz of silly assignments, tutorials and some time bcz i EMO...

joke nia la i dun oways emo, even i emo i dun simply show it out la, jz my bestie real bestie will noe...

in college , my college isnt a large few chineses here nia...act 3rd year one i duno much

in faculty, i m a low profile girl n dun mix more wf seniors...

p/s: i love dis spec so so so muchhhh...<3 i="">

 i m a law student ...
lol bt i dun act like a law student, cz i m nt a so hardworking ppl haha...enjoy more important :P :P 借口

hey found out dat i jz update b4 i enter uni and nw the 2nd update after dat is 9 months after dat ?!

haha lol dun hv mood 2 write my mood...mood mood mood...crazy me...:P

one year 2 sems finish...1st year finish...i m happy or moody ?? i duno

i jz feel sienz nia...after few days here...

my exam ends very early, ends on laz monday (my birthday :P)

n i dun hv much time 2 prepare for my final...

my schedule :
monday: contract law
 tuesday : arabic
wednesday : islamic legal system
thursday : malaysia legal system
anoter monday : last paper : constitution ...wat is dis kind of exam schedule...???!!!

thanks my rommie for mking me dis : she wrote for me d , meaning jia you zhen yin ^^
suak la...its over ad...i m going 2 bcm 2nd year uni student, so called 学姐

feel wana mk some changes on myself, a dye of gold hair ?? or go 2 mk my hair curly ???

dreamz cnt achieve as mummy dun allow me 2 dye my hair, and bout the curly one jz 4gt it la...i jz mk my hair straight on half year ago nia...

begin my hokkien style writing again...haha i m writing penanglish...penang style english

i oways pop up wf some hokkien words here n some frens who duno hokkien cnt understand lol lol

sienz 2 translate ...:(

uni life is like wat fb new stuff : feeling apa feeling itu one...feeling meh ??? haha wats kind of feeling is dat, jz meh ...meh meh meh...

macam tu lo...y i jz cnt stop recalling my mmp week...1st week in ukm, b4 starting any lecture classes...

i m old ord...初老症,“ 我可能不会爱你”学来的语言。。。


anoter reason is, mmp week really gv me  precious memories...

after open school gt two events: faculty night and college night, i was candidate and nid 2 perform

n i m a  no performance experience ppl, n i no sing b4 ppl for so mani years, n i no dance after 6 years old

ended up i train and practice like hell jz for dance and my performance, practice till cry and phoned my mum dat i wana 放弃,幸好,都过去了,我也熬过来了


this is my candidate partner :)
girls candidates

boys candidates

law isnt easy 2 study, for a middle standard ppl like me,having  middle standard english, nid 2 read cases

study dwi-language books...and many hard assignments, tutorials , quizes...

when preparing for contract law problem based learning (PBL) i dun sleep well for one week,

we nid 2 prepare for mking draft for 8 diff contracts...its pretty hard for us...

especially 2 memorize all terms of 8 diff contracts,

and we will cabut 1 from 8 to discuss on the day,

 there r 2 groups lawyers represent each parties to argue and negotiate the terms of the clients,

 try 2 gt most benefits for our clients, i jz slept on 5 or 6 am everyday for 1 week jz 2 prepare dis one

wk up at 11am and rush 2 faculty like hell 2 prepare and discuss, non-stop (marathon meetings wf group members)

 as b4 dat i was having preparation for 3 subjects' combined PBL

dat task is to modify the civil case prosiding hapened in high court seremban,

i act as plaintiff lawyer ^^ wahaha a nice experince for me...role play :)

miss the happyyy times in uni wf nice ppls...hate the sad memories given by some kind of weird ppls

uni is like a small society, u will meet macam macam ppls and wat u nid 2 do is stay calm and b urself

i dun nid 2 change my own style bcz of some ppls which i oso (look not correct eyes ) -translate 2 chinese urself*

i jz smile and do myself 

abt activities i hv ntg much 2 say, its mostly the same lo...换汤不换药

bt when doing usher i wore old chinese costume ~~ haha jz like ppls acting in drama

well, a non-sleep night again...i still rmb the time i 日夜颠倒, MY EXAM WEEK

i omos sleep 2 hours oni in the normal sleep time and i jz 补眠

 after one test, rest for 3 to 4 hours then keep going 2 study new subjects...for one week

恐怖的回忆,i swear i dun wan 2 do dat again...going mad soon if continue this kind of lifestyle

well hoiday nw...i stuck at uni for 2 days in dis weeks, oter days i outing everyday

well, jz 2 days in ukm i ad feel sienzz...sleep n sleep...2day oni open my lappy to on9

oter days i on9 using handphone...i no mood c movies pun...except in cinema

hak hak i jz went 2 c man of steel and world war z...nice movies

wish 2 c pee mak bt time not suits...well 2day feel wana hang 2 mid valley again...

jio sister bt she dun replied me, i sienz looking at ukm me moody and dun feel wana eat

haha hunt for food in mid valley ltr ??? ppl go walk mall very sienz arr...

ya these days i jz like 2 edit photos using i jz realize i dun hv much self captured photos...lo

bcz i dun hv a self captured mode handphone...feel wana change one, bt i jz change my hp 9 months ago

so jz wait a few time...i miss penang food liao...balik wan eat eat i ord fat fat fat after came uni...

issh oni stress and vege cn mk me slim down, bt i m a 无肉不欢 ppl...

hahak lol write so long pulak,,,happy holidays to my frens who c-ing my blog,

 welcome again to my  un-update blogie haha:P simply jot down some 1st year memories here

eventually, i <3 rainbow="">
i love myself, and i love 2 be myself :) a happy me... n u r beautiful ^^